Incoming Paratroopers

Welcome to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.

If you just received orders to the brigade, click here or below to find the brigade’s online welcome packet.

The Panther Brigade Welcome Packet

Commander’s Vision:


3rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT) is a team of teams built on mutual trust that is lethal, disciplined and always READY to Jump, Fight, and WIN.

The BCT excels at Joint Forcible Entry. Our small units, from Little Groups of Paratroopers to companies-troops-batteries, are flexible, agile, and able to excel in rapidly changing and uncertain environments.

3rd Brigade is known for its outstanding leaders at all levels.


Commander’s Priorities

 Mission First, Paratroopers and Families Always!

 Readiness…for the crucible of ground combat

Competence….culminates in Joint Forcible Entry

 Discipline -organizational and individual

 Leader Development…invest in our People

 Health of the Force…in all aspects

 Training -tough, realistic, and focused on 82d “8”


H – Minus!

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