Panther Families

Welcome to the home of the Panther Family!

Families of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division are valued and contribute towards the overall readiness of the brigade.

A vibrant community of thrives in the brigade devoted to informing family members of current and upcoming events, ongoing training and scheduled deployments.

Soldier and Family Readiness Groups at the Company, Battalion and Brigade level actively strengthen bonds between paratroopers and families by organizing events and maintaining information chains.

SFRGs also help spouses, children, siblings and parents navigate the unique challenges of being a military family member.

The Panther Unit Ministry Team promotes the spiritual and relationship health of paratroopers and their families by providing counseling and organizing retreats and training sessions.

Become engaged with the Panther Family and join a community where you will make friends, stay informed and contribute towards the success of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

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