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P6 Sends – 75th Anniversary of our First Star of Valor

Panther Paratroopers, Family and Friends

Today, we honor the 75th Anniversary of the 505th PIR and 307th AEB’s first Star of Valor – Operation Husky. On 9 July 1943, at 1930 hours, the first of 226 planes carrying the paratroopers departed their airfields in Tunisa enroute to Sicily. There, they would conduct the first regimental-sized combat parachute jump in U.S. Army History.

Due to many factors, most of the paratroopers missed their assigned drop zones and the regiment was widely scattered. Throughout the night and well into July 10th, 505th PIR and 307th AEB paratroopers wreaked havoc on their enemies while fighting towards “Objective Y;” a series of 16 concrete pillboxes. Of the 3407 paratroopers of the 505th PIR who jumped, 424 were wounded or killed by the end of Operation Husky.

On the ground, the paratroopers fought with tenacity and aggressiveness. Their training in small unit tactics, eagerness to close with the enemy and universal understanding of the mission resulted in success.

Of Operation Husky, Gen. Gavin wrote “Here, in Sicily, he [Paratroopers] proved the hard way that vertical envelopment at night was feasible and almost impossible to stop, that the American trooper has the mental and physical courage to try anything, asking and expecting no odds.”

Take time today to learn more about Operation Husky. The heritage of the American Paratrooper, one you are building today, rests on the foundation laid by these brave Troopers.

Panther 6


Fun, Fitness and Camaraderie

82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team and their families recently celebrated the coming summer season with competition, sweat and fellowship.

A paratrooper assigned to 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment competes in an individual functional fitness competition during the battalion’s Functional Fitness Family Day on Friday, June 2. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team battalion partnered with Corvias Foundation to give the battalion’s paratroopers and families the chance to test their physical strength and endurance while enjoying a cookout and opportunity to fellowship.

Paratroopers and families of 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment participated in a Functional Fitness Family Day on Friday, June 2 on Fort Bragg to kick off the summer season.

“Our sincere desire is to strengthen our internal and external relationships across the 2Panther Force and increase the morale and welfare of our team,” said Lt. Col. Graham White, the 2-505 PIR Commander. “We also want to leave a lasting and positive impact on our families, particularly our children whom we hope to motivate to adopt healthy and active lifestyles while developing an appreciation for our nation’s many freedoms.”

Paratroopers and family members attending the event participated in numerous family functional fitness events including a couples and individual competitions, a children’s competition and a family fun-run.

Paratroopers and family members of 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment begin a fun-run during the battalion’s Functional Fitness Family Day on Friday, June 2. The battalion partnered with Corvias Foundation for a day filled with events testing the physical endurance of the paratroopers and family members while giving them the opportunity to cool-off and fellowship later with a cook-out, dunk tank and slip n’ slide.

For the family-focused event, the battalion partnered with Corvias Foundation.

“Corvias Foundation is proud to support this Functional Fitness Family Day and the long-term health and wellness of the military members in the 2-505th PIR,” shared John G. Picerne, Founder of Corvias and Corvias Foundation. “We were honored to step in to help this special event.”

After the fitness events, a dunk-tank offered attendees the chance to soak of the battalion’s command group, a slip n’slide was available for everyone else to cool off and a cook-off gave everyone the chance to refuel and fellowship. Ending the event was a ceremony where each of the battalion’s companies unveiled their new emblem and an awards ceremony recognized excellence and achievement within the ranks.

“This event is all about fun, fitness and camaraderie,” said White. “Through events like these, I want to strengthen not only the physical endurance of our paratroopers and families, but also the relationship they have with each other and their resiliency to challenges and adversity.”

1Fury Takes All American Week XXIX Best Battalion!

The 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment is the All American Week XXIX Best Battalion!

Paratroopers from the 1Fury Battalion dominated their opponents throughout the various competitions during AAWXXIX to earn the coveted title of Best Battalion.