All American 6 Sends: Housing Update

All Americans,

CSM Burgoyne and I are deeply troubled by recent reports of sub-standard living conditions experienced by some of our All American family members living in on-post privatized housing and barracks. At the Fort Bragg Town Hall yesterday we heard from many family members about the issues they have been facing with housing conditions. The current situation is simply unacceptable.

The entire Division chain of command will act immediately to help the installation and Army restore accountability and trust. There is a real opportunity here to resolve some of Fort Bragg’s long-standing housing and barracks challenges.

Our first step is to develop an accurate picture of the specific housing and barracks concerns facing you and your Families. There will be no reprisals for reporting – not from the Army nor our privatized housing partner: Corvias. I’ve directed the chain of command to lead the assessment. Similar to the effort after Hurricane Florence, each barracks room in the Division footprint will be re-inspected by a senior leader. This will enable the Division leadership to capture an accurate picture of the issues facing our formation. At the same time Paratroopers will have the opportunity to identify and report any issues that have not been resolved or have recently occurred.

I’ve also asked the chain of command to reach out to Paratroopers and their Families living on-post to offer a command visit. Our leaders’ involvement will help cut through bureaucracy and will bring better visibility to the housing problems. This is not mandatory — all visits will be coordinated and conducted by invitation only. There is truly no pressure to participate, but we welcome your participation as it will help us in our understanding of the scope and scale of the problem.

In any situation where life, health and safety issues exist, the chain of command will ensure that conditions are immediately remediated. If a life, health, or safety issue cannot be immediately resolved, the chain of command will work with the Paratrooper, Family, Corvias, and the installation to provide an alternative housing arrangement.

This will be a long process, but we are committed to improving the housing and quality of life for all. The Division’s number one priority remains the readiness and welfare of its Paratroopers and Families.

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