“An Opportunity to Fellowship:” Panther Brigade Celebrates Thanksgiving

Paratroopers and family members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday Tuesday, November 22 at the brigade’s Dining Facility on Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

“Today, paratroopers and family members of the brigade are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate as we enter the holiday season,” said Col. Arthur Sellers, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team’s Commander. “This meal gives everyone an opportunity to fellowship while enjoying the delicious food prepared by our expert culinary team,” he continued.
To prepare the meal, Culinary Specialists from the 82nd Brigade Support Battalion, part of the 3rd BCT, began preparing the night before and worked into the early morning on the finishing touches. The paratroopers prepared over 640 lbs. of turkey, 558 lbs. of steamship round, 72 lbs. of shrimp, more than 100 pies, approximately 700 servings of sweet potatoes and approximately 800 servings of green bean casserole to serve during the brigade’s Thanksgiving meal.

The Panther Brigade’s Thanksgiving meal was held Tuesday, November 20th in the brigade’s Dining Facility on Fort Bragg. Honoring tradition, leaders from across the brigade served the meal to paratroopers and their families while dressed in their Army Service Uniform.
Special decorations adorned the dining facility to celebrate the holiday and honor the 50th anniversary of the brigade’s short-notice deployment in 1968 to Vietnam to conduct combat operations. Sent in response to the Tet Offensive, the 3rd Brigade gained the nickname “The Golden Brigade” while fighting the Viet Cong in numerous pitched battles over the course of a year-long deployment.


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