P6 Sends- Celebrating our Veterans on Veterans Day

Panther Paratroopers, Families and Friends,
On Veterans Day, we pause to reflect on the sacrifice made by men and women to ensure the freedom of our great nation. CSM Teakell and I are grateful to all veterans who have served and continue to serve with honor; the Panther Brigade, our Army and our Nation are better thanks to your contributions.
We are blessed to live in a nation that celebrates its veterans. As you enjoy today, I ask you share conversation with fellow veterans of different services and conflicts to learn the story of their travels and service.
The Panther Brigade stands ready, competent and lethal thanks to the veterans within our ranks. Your experience keeps our edge sharp as we continue to remain prepared to jump, fight and win on any drop zone in the world.
COL Art Sellers – Brigade Commander
CSM Reese Teakell – Brigade Command Sergeant Major

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