The Panther Family Welcomes Ltc. Col. Michael Garry!

Yesterday, the #PantherFamily welcomed Lt. Col. Michael Garry and his wife Sarah, as he begins his command of the 1st Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment.


We also bid a fond farewell to Lt. Col. Jeffrey Munn and his wife, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Natalya Munn.  The entire Panther Family wishes them all well as they begin the next chapter in their lives!

Cobalt Paratroopers Challenge Bodies and Minds

Paratroopers from the 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion challenged their minds and bodies during a battalion physical training event on Fort Bragg’s Pike Field on June 12th.

Numerous stations during the event tested the Cobalt Paratrooper’s physical strength and endurance while others hosted by the Fort Bragg R2 Performance Center tested their mental agility.

June Best Squad Competition

Paratroopers from across the Panther brigade competed in the brigade’s monthly Best Squad Competition earlier this month on Fort Bragg.

The competition required the Panthers to ruckmarch over six miles and then complete numerous stations testing their medical knowledge, Airborne proficiency, medical skills and mental agility.

H – Minus!

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